The vision to remove 100% of HFIs

Applied Vision’s aim to remove all held for inspection (HFI) stoppages from can lines is moving closer.

The company’s KromaKing DecoMaster, has been bought up by both Ball and Crown, and is currently cutting HFIs by an average of 70% in plants where it has been installed.

Amir Novini, president and chief executive, Applied Vision, explains the system has the potential to cut 100% of HFIs.

He said, “Crown has installed it in a plant in France and in just six months HFIs have been cut by 45 to 50% and system is still being bedded in.

“Now Crown has invested in the technology for nine more plants, including in the UK and Turkey.”

Can maker Ball Corporation has already invested in the system and a demonstration at Cannex in Atlanta last month heard how one plant had already reduced HFIs by 66%.

Novini added, “With a bit more work we can achieve 100%.

“We have eight other can makers in the process of buying the equipment too.”

The system which looks at flaws, including colour shifts, pattern defects and print registration errors, provides colour blanket inspection to detect defects at their source.

Applied Vision also recently announced aggregate sales growth of 35% since 2008, despite the global economic downturn.

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