Ball bottles for new lemonade

Newcomer Dust Cutter Beverage Company has launched its brand new line of all-natural lemonades in Ball Corporation’s 16oz Alumi-Tek bottles.

“Our family served this refreshing lemonade to our guests and the Dust Cutter was born,” explained Eric Green, founder, Dust Cutter Beverage Company.

“We picked the Alumi-Tek bottle before we designed the logo or developed the flavours because it works well with our brand, which is a throwback to the old west.

“We wanted to make the brand as authentic as possible, and serving our lemonades in a state of the art container that exemplifies the look of an old canteen was perfect for us.”

Dust Cutter Lemonades are available in three flavours including original Lemonade, Huckleberry Lemonade and Iced Tea Lemonade. Dust Cutter is currently in distribution in the Wyoming in the US area and has recently inked a deal with Carlson Distributing to ship its lemonades in Utah with further expansion planned.

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