New advertising campaign for canned drinks

Can maker Ball Packaging Europe (BPE) has launched an advertising campaign using new media.

Partnering with retailers, Ball has launched an eye-catching print campaign with a smart phone-activated video clip in Germany. A creative blog called “Dosionair” (in German language) and a Facebook page of the same name lend beverage can fans a platform to view original video clips, win prizes and share comments. The campaign presents the beverage can as a contemporary packaging choice and lifestyle fit for young consumers.

Cans have always been the beverage container of choice for the young market, and not just when it comes to energy drinks. Can maker Ball Packaging Europe is now stepping up its use of new media to connect with the young consumer generation in Germany — partly in partnership with retailers, who share the same aims and can count on support from Ball in attaining them. This May sees the launch of an innovative print campaign in all ad journals in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, developed by Ball in cooperation with Zurheide, a retailer operating several Edeka grocery stores. Smart phone owners with junaio, a popular smart phone app, can point their camera at the advertisement and view a video clip. The clip shows a witty take on the future of shopping, where young people take flying leaps over counters and shelves, balance handstands on till belts – and deftly snatch a Coke can from a stack in mid-somersault.
Urbanatix, an internationally acclaimed crew of street artists, agreed to provide the actors for the clip.

This novel form of advertising is known as augmented reality – reality spiced up with emotion and experience via linked images and video clips.

“With this campaign we break entirely new ground in communication – and are working in a very creative partnership with retailers to attract young consumers for our products,” says Gerlof Toenhake, director of marketing at Ball Packaging Europe. “Our innovative campaign exploits the modern, forward, cool image of the beverage can to the full.”

Ball is also making use of several social media channels. One is Dosionair, a creative blog developed in partnership with Vok Dams Consulting and launched online in April 2011 (—the name combines the German words for “can” and “visionary”). Dosionair presents trends, announces campaigns and events themed round the beverage can and invites users to take part in competitions, some of them posted on Facebook.  The blog is paralleled by a fan page on Facebook inviting existing beverage can fans and newcomers alike to share their comments. “Involving consumers was very important to us from the outset”, Toenhake adds. “That’s why when we needed an icon for our blog, we made it a design competition, a crowd sourcing project using the collective creativity of web users. The winner combines the concepts ‘fresh’, ‘practical’ and ‘easy’ with fun—exactly what we had in mind.”

Ball’s communication activities are not just fun for consumers. “With original ideas like these we can really grab consumers’ attention,” Toenhake notes. “This boosts demand, to the benefit of our trading partners who market beverage cans.”

The future of shopping campaign starts on Thurday (5 May). The video clip with Urbanatix can be viewed on the web at

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