Drink packaging is ‘responsible’

An independent audit has shown show the vast majority of alcohol products sold in Britain conform to responsibility standards established by a watchdog.

The Portman Group was established in 1989 by the UK’s leading alcohol producers to promote responsible drinking.

As part of its ongoing compliance work, the group appointed independent consultants, Campden BRI, to audit a random sample of 500 alcoholic drinks in supermarkets, convenience stores and off-licences.

Drinks tested included cans as well as other packaging forms. The tests found the vast majority of the samples (92.3%) were compliant with the Portman Group’s code of practice.

Just 39 products, 7.7% of the sample, were identified by Campden as having issues, which could potentially put them in breach of the code.

The Portman Group is contacting the companies involved to discuss the findings and companies will have three months to make any changes to their product packaging.

The individual products and companies will only be named if they become the subject of a formal complaint and ruling by the Independent Complaints Panel.

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