Global standard for sustainability in aluminium

Industry representatives, including Nespresso, Audi, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Tetra Pak, have put forward criteria for a global standard for sustainable aluminium production.

The standard is part of the IUCN-led Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), whose aim is to foster responsible environmental, social and governance performance throughout the entire aluminium value chain.

70 criteria were proposed by representatives from 14 companies that are part of the initiative and reviewed by delegates from 13 civil society organisations with expertise in issues relevant to the aluminium industry. The criteria are now open for public consultation.

“Bringing together so many different perspectives is an incredibly enriching experience,” said Giulia Carbone, deputy director of IUCN’s Global Business and Biodiversity Programme.

“This first proposal clearly shows that despite different opinions, everybody agrees that there is the need to develop a common language to promote and further strengthen sustainability in the aluminium industry. We encourage everyone who has the relevant expertise to comment on the proposed criteria.”

The standard will apply to all stages of aluminium production and transformation.

The ASI is currently supported by 14 companies, including aluminium primary producers and transformers (Aleris, Constellium, Hydro, Novelis and Rio Tinto Alcan), convertors (AMAG/Constantia Flexibles, AMCOR Flexibles, Ball Corporation, Rexam and Tetra Pak) and commercial and consumer goods suppliers (AUDI, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Nespresso).

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