French start-up selects wine cans from Ball

Fabulous Brands, the company behind WineStar, is offering French medal winning wines with an AOC-label in 200ml aluminium cans provided by Ball Packaging. A red, rose and white wine is available, and WineStar now aims to take on the German wine market.

Fabulous Brands founder Cédric Segal has high ambitions, “We want to become the ‘Nespresso’ of wine and make the quality wine market more democratic. Why open a bottle when you can choose from a selection of delicious, award winning wines, one can at a time? We want to change the way consumers enjoy high quality French wine, in a small, elegant and trendy packaging. We worked with Ball Packaging Europe to develop premium wine cans for AOC wines to help us realize this ambition. Already prestigious customers such as the Carrefour retail chain or the Hyatt hotels adopted the WineStar products in their range.”

Ball Packaging Europe is a specialist for premium wine cans, having developed the wine can with “Protected Quality” seal for high-quality wine. The can has a special internal coating that insures both integrity of the wine and a shelf-life of at least twelve months. “Wine is very sensitive, especially concerning the contact with oxygen. This is why our special wine cans are such a good match for premium wines. They are completely lightproof and oxygen-tight and thus ensure constant quality of the product. And of course canned wine will never cork,” says Adriana Escobar, product manager at Ball Packaging Europe Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

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