DSG launches resealable can

German-based ACTEGA DS and the US company Dayton Systems Group (DSG) have joined forces to create the DSG Beverage Cap Can with a twist-off, recloseable lid.

Resealable Can Closures for Beverages provide added convenience for consumers. The patented two-piece can and dome design is engineered to attach to standard can sizes utilising existing seaming technology, and it can be made from new or recycled aluminium material.

The DSG Cap Can production system is comprised of three pieces of equipment: a dome production system, a cap production system and a seal liner system to line the cap with seal material.

The seal liner system takes unlined closures and permanently attaches SVELON 520 L plastic from Actega DS the inside of the caps, making it capable for pasteurisation, hot fill, cold fill, retort, and aseptic filling. SVELON 520 L was selected as it is soft and flexible and is is suitable for cold filling, pasteurization up to 85 °C and hot-fill up to 95 °C.

The Dayton Systems Group Seal Liner machine extrusion takes Actega DS supplied dried blended thermoplastic SVELON 520 L, which is provided in pellet form, melts it, and inserts it into the cap. It then cold molds it into the fixed gasket utilising the DSG patented sealing profile. The machine is equipped with an extrusion nozzle, cooling system, PC Interface operating system, defective cap reject device, and a cap output counter.

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