CMC-Kuhnke launches new automatic shell measurement gauge

CMC-Kuhnke has launched the MARS-EMS-1050 fully automatic shell measurement gauge, which measures countersink depth, curl diameter, curl height, curl opening and panel depth for quality beverage endmaking.

The shell measurement gauge is capable of pulling up to 60 beverage shells from a feeder and automatically measures all characteristics. Pneumatically and electronically controlled sensors automatically measure in up to eight locations per end.

After measurement, the shells fall into a collection hopper. Measured values are shown on the colour display and out-of-spec limits are clearly flagged in red. Data may also be transferred directly into Visionary QCTM or other data acquisition software.

The gauge may be integrated directly with the production line to receive and measure shells without any operator intervention.

The MARS-EMS-1050 features CMC-Kuhnke’s graphical user interface. Colour icons and simple menus provide navigation through the functions of the gauge.

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