Metpack: Beverage can manufacturer penetrates Chinese market

Guangxi Beihai Jinmeng Zhiguan AG, or Beihai Jinmeng, is a recently founded company that has had success in the Chinese market due to a cupping press for the production of beverage cans supplied by Schuler.

Last year, Beihai Jinmeng launched production of beverage cans at its new facility in which it had invested around €80 million. The facility includes Schuler’s DA 140 cupping press.

“The Schuler press displays a high degree of stability in continuous operation, with relatively low operating costs and maintenance investments,” explains project manager Tan Jintu of Beihai Jinmeng’s Production Technology division. “Because of the comparatively higher wear, similar machines with sliding jib systems require regular adjustment and maintenance – or even the replacement of the sliding jibs – to ensure stable operation.”

Due to the immense dynamic loads involved, cupping presses operating at high speeds and with heavy weights always run the risk of unevenly distributing the press force across the two sides – with negative consequences for the quality of the dies and products. Schuler’s DA 140 cupping press is therefore equipped with a dynamic counterbalance system which balances out the machine vibrations caused by high press forces during operation.

The machine needs neither a solid concrete foundation nor for its base to be screwed to the floor – only the line’s own weight has to be taken into consideration. The play-free pretensioned slide guidance guarantees precise slide motions with only minimal tilting, thus prolonging die service life. Moreover, the maintenance-free direct drive and very fast clutch/brake combination ensure the cupping press operates with a high degree of efficiency.

“Apart from regular minor servicing, our production line can operate continuously around the clock,” says Tan Jintu. “So far, our cupping press from Schuler has shown no defects or malfunctions of any kind. This has led to considerable savings in staff and maintenance costs.”

Most of the beverage cans produced by Beihai Jinmeng have a dimension of 330, 355 or 500 milliliters. With a press force of 140 metric tons and up to 300 strokes per minute, the DA 140 guarantees the flexible and economic production of high-quality beverage cans. At the same time, it is also suitable for particularly thin cans and complex production processes.

The hook-in die change brackets, hydraulic roller bars, and motorized slide adjustment all ensure fast die change times. “If there are fluctuations in the thickness of the aluminum used, for example, this can lead to problems with the pressed can bodies,” explains Tan Jintu. “The Schuler press enables us to react to this within just a few minutes – we simply have to adapt the parameters by changing the inner and outer slide height.”

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