Rooster’s joins the microcanning segment

Cask Brewing Systems, makers of small-scale canning gear, is welcoming Rooster’s Brewing Company to the microcanning segment.

This week Yorkshire, UK-based Rooster’s will launch a trio of canned beers, including Yankee (the brewery’s flagship beer), Fort Smith (an American-style pale ale) and Baby-Faced Assassin (an India Pale Ale).

The beers are canned on Cask’s Semi-Automatic Manual System (SAMS); it is the first SAMS machine from Cask in the UK. Rooster’s will be the fourth microcanner in England joining London brewers Camden Town Brewery, Fourpure Brewing and Beavertown Brewery.

Rooster’s director Tom Fozard says, “The affordability of the Cask machine clearly appealed to us. Before doing our research and discovering Cask, we were under the impression that canning was only for the bigger boys.”

“The size of the machine,” he adds, “is such that it fits well into our existing space, while the relationship Cask has with (aluminum can maker) Ball is also very beneficial to a brewery of our size.”

Rooster’s SAMS machine takes up only 16 square feet of space. As part of its arrangement with Cask, Ball Packaging will warehouse cans for Cask customers, freeing brewers from taking up valuable space with pallets of cans.

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