Increased production of resealable can ends

Xolution, a Germany-based manufacturer of the resealable beverage can end, has announced a major increase in its production capacity to 400 million units annually by January 2016 to meet global demand.

XO equipped beverage cans have an integrated plastic opening mechanism that enables users to reseal their beverage cans once they have been opened.

The opening mechanism works by simply pulling up an integrated open/closure strap, then sliding it backward for drinking and forward for closing. A tamper-proof seal, that covers and secures the opening strap, breaks when initially opened, guaranteeing consumers that the can has never been previously opened.

The XO closure system can be implemented on cans ranging from 200ml to 1.0 litre.

Marc von Rettberg, CEO of Xolution, comments: “It took us more than four years of intense R&D to develop and finish the current XO re-sealable end design to withstand even the toughest demands on a beverage can. We are confident that the current XO end has all the credentials to be a game changer for brands and the beverage can industry. Consumers are just waiting to take their favorite canned beverage anywhere they want to go.”

In addition, the company is launching a next generation XO system which will include less and even thinner plastic parts, increased heat resistance during the filling process and an estimated shelf life of between 12 and 18 months.

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