SteeloCare can wins innovation prize

The newly developed tin plate aerosol can ‘SteeloCare’ has been awarded first place in the Steel Innovation Prize 2015 by the German Steel Federation.

The award ceremony took place on 9th June at the ‘Berlin Steel Dialogue’ event in the German capital. ‘SteeloCare’ was awarded the prestigious prize in the category ‘Products Made of Steel’.

Lanico developed ‘SteeloCare’ as the first tin plate aerosol can in a mono bloc design, working in a technology partnership with ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein and the press manufacturer Schuler. A technique developed by Lanico permits inner seaming of the can for the first time.

Michael Kaufmann, technical director at Lanico says, “In co-operation with ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein and Schuler, Lanico has engineered a complete can-making solution that permits the standardised measurement of the semi-finished parts. It’s a big step forward compared to the classic three-piece aerosol can, for which every can factory currently uses its own measurements.”

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