Badoit goes sleek

Badoit goes sleek

Badoit natural sparkling water partners with modern packaging format to release three signature waters in Ball’s 33cl sleek cans.

This new packaging is a strategic move by Badiot, a brand previously committed to the glass bottle. It shows an understanding of the demands of today’s consumer to meet the growing trend of on-the-go consumption.

The can’s ease of transportability and optimised weight, coupled with its premium appeal, make it the format of choice to target consumers between 25 and 35 years of age.

Lina Neu, brand director at Badoit, explains: “Listening closely to our customers, we have noted that the diversification of gastronomy and current eating habits have lead to an increased demand for on-the-go formats. At the same time, customers want the brand’s signature design. This is what we offer today with Badoit’s sleek can.”


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