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Innovations in 100% optical inspection for metal decoration The technical processes in Metal decoration printing are long, multi-layered and complex. All of the necessary steps, such as pre-press, print, converting or assembly face the danger of process deviations and on top of that, are also closely interconnected to each other. Even the most minor of defects has an effect upon the entire process chain. Despite high speeds, it is necessary to ensure: maximum productivity, reduce waste, greater reliability and the highest possible quality. For these tasks ISRA VISION delivers a complete and appropriate product portfolio. ISRA VISION is the world's leading supplier of fully automated 100% high-speed in-line inspection systems for quality control of any surfaces including metal decoration. The systems are used to detect all relevant print defects, to improve process and to increase yield, providing one platform for surface and print inspection from one source. Thousands of successful installations worldwide confirm ISRA’s experience and technical leadership.

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