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Sacmi, technological evolution since 1919

From small-scale workshop to major industrial cooperative. From key player in Italy’s ceramic and packaging industry boom to worldwide industrial plant engineer with production facilities, distribution and service companies and manufacturing/sales networks spanning five continents. This, then, is the Sacmi Group, which in 2014 celebrated 95 years of history and now heads over 70 companies in 25 countries that have achieved success in several businesses areas: from machines and complete plants for the ceramic, beverage packaging and food processing industries to process control solutions and quality control inspection systems.

Quality control inspection systems provided by Sacmi offer a comprehensive, cutting-edge range of products and technologies for production line quality/process controls within the Group's business areas.

They include artificial and x-ray vision systems for the Ceramics and Beverage & Packaging industries, NIR (Near InfraRed) inspection systems for agriculture produce, such as fruit and onions, electronic 'noses' (olfactory systems) for odours control in garbage dumps and chemical plants.

More specifically, since 1987 Sacmi has been providing the market with its CVS line of vision systems, which have since gone on to set the standard for inspection within the worldwide Beverage & Packaging industry. In fact, over six thousand CVS systems - providing precision, reliable inspection performance every single day - had been installed all over the globe: - Plastic and metal closures - PET preforms - Labels - Cans and tins - Plastic bottles

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