Wallram GmbH

Schuermannstrasse 40
45136 Essen

Tel: +49 201 89 63 660
Fax: +49 201 89 63 630

Website: http://www.wallram.com
Email: [email protected]


The WALLRAM Group specializes in hard material applications with a main focus on the metal packaging industry with Wallram production sites in Germany and Poland and LPT in the USA.

Our companies are recognized for High Precision Tooling, Cost Reduction Programs, Professional Service and Engineering Support in the Can Making Industries.

Our main focus is on Cupper-, Bodymaker- and Necker-Tooling. But as a full service provider we are also offering all other kind of Can tooling like Decorater-Tooling (Ceramic Printer Mandrels), Trimmer-knifes, Shell- and End-Tooling, etc.

We take pride in developing new protocols to meet the industry's constantly changing requirements.

The shared goals of Wallram and our Customers have always been to improve quality and increase value.

Today there is also Wallram Grindtec, located in Italy, which manufactures ultra-high-precision grinding machines. This acquisition further enhances our philosophy:

To control and improve the whole manufacture process to enable maximum results in quality and reliability!

With our expertise in design and processing we offer support from concept to implementation. Our unique mixture of backgrounds allows us to more than meet our customer's needs. It gives us the ability to deliver performance that exceeds them.

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