A typical three-piece canbody production line in action

This video was filmed at Hubei ORG Canmaking in China.

A typical canbody production system consists of a slitter (to cut the tinplate base material into body blanks of the required size), a transfer system (to feed the cut blanks from the slitters to the canbody welder), a canbody welder (to shape and weld the canbody), a seam protection system (to protect the welded seam against oxidation and chemical reactions), a curing system (to dry and harden the seam protection) and a bodyformer (to give the canbody its final profile and shape). A single control system, equipped with a touch screen panel, permits central operation and control of the entire production line. The video is courtesy of Soudronic.

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5 responses to “A typical three-piece canbody production line in action”

  1. Very impressive. Thank you for the video.
    We have been producing and selling three-piece tester pads since
    1982 and this is my first opportunity to see the production of these
    Mary Anne Evo
    Bear Products

  2. Sumant Mimani says:

    Fantastic …1st time seen 3 piece can line so fast .. flowing like water

  3. amed says:

    so very fantastic i like that fast.. i wish work same field..

  4. Great stuff, especially good for many of R&D people that work in Laboratory and do not have a chance how the cans are made.
    Canmaking is improving very fast and quality is getting even better.

    Well done CanTech

  5. Rasika jayaweera says:

    very nice and important vedio on 3 piece can making.thank you very much!

    Tin Pak Sri lanka

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