Tout arrive en France

We had a very productive show out in Paris for the Aerosol Forum and it was a pleasure to be able to put names to a few faces. My girlfriend and I were also able to sample the delights of the French capital over the weekend which made for a welcoming break after a tiring two days at the show.

I will be reviewing the show in the March issue of CanTech International, which goes to press at the end of next week.

Please let me emphasise that I’m not trying to be negative about the show, merely a few suggestions for improvement. The general vibe was pretty positive but as an attendee of the show, I felt some improvements need to be made to make it a more positive experience for all. More cloakrooms were needed as a large number of people weren’t able to deposit their luggage and you even had to enter the exhibition to find the cloakroom; it made for a chaotic start to the day. The seminars were also confusing as no specific times were given for each talk; this meant waiting around for over an hour for some of the talks. Apart from a couple of minor gripes, it was still a terrific place to start my CanTech show schedule.

The finishing touches are being applied to the March issue and you can look forward to, amongst others, Evert van de Weg providing an insight into the three-piece versus two-piece can debate, an interview with Bama’s chief executive, Patrick Heskins and Can Man comments on monopolies within the industry. It promises to be a fiery affair!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Alex Fordham, editor


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