Brexit implications?

The campaign trail for the vote on whether Britain should leave the European Union began in earnest this week and it is sure to be an intense debate.

The date of the in/out referendum doesn’t take place until Thursday 23 June, but until then, over here in the UK we are sure to have plenty of media coverage and quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of the whole debate already. ‘Celebrity’ endorsements have already been wheeled out including Barrack Obama on the pro European side and former English cricketer Ian Botham on the ‘Vote Leave’ side. I know a few of our international readers will be wondering who Ian Botham is, and that is exactly my point – It’s becoming a bit of a sideshow and when speaking to people over here, I think many are still none the wiser as to their view and what will actually be best for Britain. I’ll be glad when it’s all over myself!

Although there has been a lot of positive media coverage towards leaving the EU in the British media recently and their campaign appears to be gathering momentum, I have a hunch that the outcome will be similar to the Scottish referendum on independence last year. Although those wanting to leave made the most noise, it was ultimately the silent majority that won the day.

On a serious note, speaking to many people on the metal packaging side, there does seem to be a general consensus that having to form a new relationship with the EU would create uncertainty and put future investments in jeopardy. I would be interested to hear your views and the implications to the can making industry, so please do get in touch with me on [email protected].

Our May issue is just being put to bed and inside the issue Evert van de Weg looks back nostalgically at the twist off caps market, Vladislav Vorotnikov explores the crisis in the Russian can making industry and we bring you a preview of next month’s IMDA conference.

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