Greetings from Denver

Living in Britain, I know what it is like to experience a touch of unpredictability when it comes to the weather. However, it’s nothing compared to what I have experienced in Denver over the past couple of days. From a pleasant 20 degrees in downtown Denver, to snow showers in the Rocky Mountains and a thermometer registering a touch over zero, I didn’t think it was possible to experience such a contrast in conditions, but Denver certainly delivered spectacularly.

It’s been nice to have a bit of downtime and explore what Denver has to offer – the craft beer movement is particularly impressive and it is refreshing to be offered a range of beers that are distinctive to its geographical location rather than the usual beers consumed anywhere in the world. So far so good as cities go…

For those who have ventured to Denver, please feel free to get in touch with the CanTech team.

For obvious reasons, the hot topic of conversation over here has been Ball Corporation and Rexam now formally entering into an agreement with Ardagh Group to sell select metal beverage can assets, support locations and functions in Europe, Brazil and the US for approximately $3.42 billion in order to satisfy certain regulatory requirements in connection with the proposed acquisition.

This was obviously a formality, but it does add some interesting flavour to the ‘competition’ debate. We will be bringing our analysis in the June issue so please do keep an eye on CanTech in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s to a productive week in Denver.

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