Candid: (adj. truthful and straightforward; frank)

The team here at Bell Publishing are delighted to announce Nandkumar Bhosale, regional technical manager at Crown Asia Pacific Holdings, Singapore, will be appearing in the popular Candid Forum feature at this year’s Asia CanTech. He joins Crown’s president, Robert H. Bourque Jr., who will be presenting as a keynote speaker.

The Candid Forum at Euro CanTech 2016 was one of the main attractions with the likes of industry heavyweights Colin Gillis and Atit Bhatia participating in a lively debate with audience participation. The Forum is essentially an opportunity for can makers and suppliers to discuss in an open platform about the key issues facing the metal packaging industry today.

I’m sure Nandkumar will be a valuable addition to the Forum with his extensive experience of the Asian can making marketplace. He has been responsible for commissioning and installing 10 easy open end lines in Asia, and since 2007 he has provided operational and technical support to 18 end lines across the Asia region in projects planning, evaluation and management and process improvement for Crown Asia Pacific Holdings in Singapore. An impressive pedigree I’m sure you’ll agree…

There will be more announcements in the coming weeks so please do keep an eye on all of the usual channels.

Elsewhere, we have been given the go ahead for the launch of our new CanTech International app – exciting times! The app will be available from our September issue – our Supplier Profile issue. It promises to guarantee that keeping up to date with all your latest can making news has never been easier.

In the next few days I’m off to see CMB Engineering and then DRT’s Braunschweig plant’s 25th anniversary, so plenty to report back on next week.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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