Sun, sea and sardines

There is a saying, one that I’ve not really subscribed to over the years, which is when you’re on holiday you’re still never truly off work. After sunning myself in the Algarve recently, I think I now understand this statement a little more.

Whilst undertaking a very pleasant walk around the marina area of Vilamoura, Portugal, I stumbled across Portuguese sardine cannery company, Comur. The company, which has paid homage to the sardine since 1942, has several shops around Portugal which really do make the humble sardine look attractive, and not to mention showcase the merits of metal packaging very successfully. Be sure to take a look at the company’s website.

If in the area, or indeed in Lisbon where the company is located, I would certainly recommend visiting and having a chat with the very knowledgeable staff. It was a pleasant way to escape the 30 degree temperatures for a few minutes I can tell you. To add to that, we’ll also be bringing you a feature on the Portuguese can making industry next month in CanTech.

In the upcoming July/August issue, which goes to press in the next few days, we have something new for you in the shape of Anne-Marie Hardie’s analysis of the Americas region, with specific reference to trends within South America. We also have the return of Simon Jennings with a report on Pakistan’s first ever DWI beverage can plant, Can Man provides us with more controversial words of wisdom, and we’ll see a return of our can making MVPs of 2017.

Finally, next month is the return of our Supplier Profile issue, so please get in touch with Mark if you would like to be included in our bumper issue.

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