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Over the past couple of years I’ve certainly become a lot more travel-wise, having been to a fair few places under my remit as editor of CanTech. Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared me for the trouble I experienced in Mexico City this September just gone.

The shocking earthquake has only been half the story however, with my work credit card having also been cloned whilst in the city. How this happened I don’t know, having only been in the city for a grand total of 30 hours. All in all, it was a trip to forget; let’s just put it down to experience…

However, travel issues aren’t just consigned to those with relative inexperience. Even the hardiest of travellers within the metal packaging industry have come unstuck from time to time. I have it on good authority from my sources that someone senior within the Bell Publishing ranks left a passport in their hotel, which resulted in a lengthy return trip to liberate said passport. This resulted in a missed flight, and loads of travel disruption! But we’ve all been there haven’t we?

In my younger days I did manage to leave my passport in the pocket of my trousers before sticking it in a washing load, which resulted in me having a passport left in about 20 pieces. My boss at the time was less than impressed; due to the hiccup, it meant that I was unable to travel out to Orlando for a trade show. So for those spending a fair bit of time travelling the globe, there must be some interesting stories to recall. Please let me know the best of yours, and I’ll ensure your anonymity is protected when I share them with our audience! Don’t be shy now…

Now the dust has been settled we will shortly be announcing the location for next year’s 2018 edition of Asia CanTech. As well as this, we have an exciting new announcement to share with you regarding Euro CanTech too. As is the case with trade show events and publishing, there is no time to pat yourself on the back for a moment – it’s straight onto the next project.

We wouldn’t have it any other way of course –  it keeps the mind fresh for the challenges ahead.

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