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This week we have been straight back to business with preparations for the upcoming Euro CanTech taking place in March.

The team can announce that KBA MetalPrint’s chief executive officer, Ralf Gumbel, will be appearing on the panel of our Candid Forum session. With Asia CanTech’s edition of the Forum being one of the key talking points of the show, the addition of Ralf to the European event is a real positive for us. We hope to be adding more names to the Forum in the coming weeks.

Speaking of Euro CanTech, for you suppliers attending the show, we’ll be collating a series of product entries from each supplier, so if you haven’t sent something to us as of yet, please do send us some information of products/services you will be presenting at the show. That way we can ensure maximum exposure from your trusty trade magazine!

We’re just putting our finishing touches to the February issue, where you can look forward to an interview with Crown’s chief technology officer, Daniel Abramowicz, a visit to Lighthouse Systems in Crawley, UK, and more on the progress of Ardagh post-acquisition from metal packaging consultant Richard Moore. Plenty to engage with for sure…

I’ll end this blog with the recent news that the global beverage can market is set to grow at a rate of 3.19% from 2018-22. With innovations aplenty, including Ball’s new 15cl slim can (the company’s smallest ever), the beverage can market appears to be in a good place right now. I’ll raise a can to that.

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