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In last week’s blog, we looked at how companies are adapting to the changes in demand brought on by the pandemic. Here in the UK, we are slowly coming out of our third lockdown and from 29 March we will be able to meet with up to six others outside. As happened last year, there will be an increase in people eating and drinking outdoors and the demand for portable canned drinks.

With the premiumisation of canned alcohol, the hard seltzers market is seeing a big rise and many established brands as well as start-ups have entered it.

An example is start-up company Two Brooks in the UK who launched a premium craft hard seltzer product during the first lockdown. The company has done so well that it is now competing against the corporate giants of the beverage industry. The alcoholic sparkling water drinks are packaged in 25cl cans and the 4% abv brand comes in Lime Cooler, Passion Star and Mango Hi-Ball flavours.

Two Brooks was founded by siblings Fabio and Francesca Bruni who decided to launch the business after noticing a boom for alcoholic sparkling water drinks in the US.

Fabio Bruni said: “With the rise of cocktail culture, flavour innovation in the gin category, and the premiumisation of canned alcohol driven by craft beer, alcoholic sparkling water has the perfect launchpad in the UK.”

It’s interesting to discover what else these difficult times will produce and great that the beverage can is in so much demand.

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