Tea & can lovers unite

Tina Chen, founder of HumaniTea with her canned offerings

This week we’ve had a varied array of new drinks releases in cans, from gin to beer to saké – but I thought in Jill’s absence this week I’d focus on news from HumaniTea – the brand that created the UK’s first ready-to-drink vegan tea lattes in a can.

HumaniTea is a small but fast-growing brand that I first came across when its chief tea officer and founder Tina Chen reached out to me earlier this year in April, for exposure in Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. The brand has been securing retail listings across the UK for its canned offerings, and consumers can now find its teas in 60+ supermarkets, restaurants, farm shops, and online stores.

The big news now, though, is that HumaniTea will be launching its canned tea lattes on Amazon in a few weeks. Amazon will be its biggest retailer to date, with the brand being featured on Amazon’s launchpad section which highlights innovative products from start-up companies.


HumaniTea has also scaled up its stock by more than double, as its previous production in October saw 10,000 cans being manufactured. Now in August 2021, 24,000 cans are due to be produced.


Tina Chen states that sustainability is key to her business, and the aluminium packaging is a big part of that. She states: “My passion is to bring a drink that’s good for humanity to the world!”

It’s great to see so many beverages now being offered solely in cans, and I hope we continue to see more brands choosing metal packaging over plastic for new product innovations. Having tried HumaniTea myself, I can see why it would be the natural choice for the product – the can keeps the product cool for longer when out of the fridge, and it’s a great alternative to iced coffee if you’re also a tea lover and looking for something a bit different.

If your business has launched any product offerings in cans (food or drink), please do let us help spread the word with the industry by getting in contact.

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