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Image: Joffer Beverage Company

Joffer Beverage Company has announced the introduction of a rather intriguing new flavour to its lineup of carbonated waters in the form of Jelly Belly Chocolate Sparkling Water.

The new offering is described as featuring natural flavour infused in carbonated water, and is a healthy drink alternative with zero sugar, zero sweeteners, zero calories and zero sodium.

The drink joins the current 16oz Jelly Belly lineup which includes: Juicy Pear, French Vanilla, Orange Sherbet, Very Cherry and Watermelon. These flavours seem more tangible to me. I don’t think I’ve had any chocolate flavoured carbonated drinks, so somehow I can’t imagine how this Jelly Belly Chocolate tastes, but I am eager to try it… Maybe it just seems strange to me to be pushing a bold flavour that I associate with indulgence, when actually it is a drink with all these health credentials.

Ben Joffer, co-founder of Joffer Beverage Company, does mention that the drink “works on its own as a refreshing and indulgent thirst quencher or as a tasty and healthy ingredient that can be used in a variety of fun beverage creations,” so perhaps the taste is quite subtle, if the sparkling water can be added to other beverages as part of a concoction. If any of our readers have or are planning to try this one, please do get in touch!

Either way, the canned offerings have really been flooding in this past week, with our editorial assistant Kathryn picking up the below goodies at the Lunch! exhibition at ExCeL London on Thursday 15 September. Kombucha, spring water, chilled tea, antioxidant and energy drinks all feature.

Image: Kathryn Brand

I was also in Budapest from 16-19 September with friends, and the Roni ABC convenience store opposite our Airbnb had a huge assortment of canned beers dominating the shop windows.

What is clear from all this is that the beverages segment is never short on innovation, and it’s great to hear of the unique flavours being put out there, encouraging consumers to experiment and broaden their tastebuds, all while helping the environment through recyclable cans. Feel free to send through images of your favourite beverages to us via Twitter (linked below).

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