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You might remember that last year, I interviewed Eliza Flanagan, co-founder of personal care company, Kankan, which uses cans as a packaging source for its hand wash and body cleansers.

Well, the brand has had a makeover and its new look is here. Kankan’s products now come in more robust three-piece tinplate cans, and feature a reusable clip-on pump made from from PCR material.

Commenting on the brand refresh, the company stated: “Always the original vision, we wanted to only bring something to market that was minimal, intentional, and supportive of a future that is less wasteful.

“Utilising waste streams that are pre-existing, and materials that are commonplace and already have a high recycling rate, we looked to metal to be our circular resource and then designed a solution that worked with this to bring refill and reuse into the home and which asked nothing more from the consumer.”

It’s been great following Kankan’s journey thus far and I hope to see more personal care brands follow suit, whether it’s incorporating a metal can or bottle, it all helps in the journey toward a better world for all.

In other news, we’ve just gone to press on our April edition of CanTech. Thank you to all the Metpack exhibiting companies that featured in our show preview. We’re excited to share copies with you in Germany in May, as well as distribute them to attendees alongside our May edition.

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