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CanTech has previously covered research on various beverage can market sectors in the US, but now we have a better idea as to which brands are the most popular, courtesy of US travel company, Upgraded Points. The company has used Google Trends search data to find out what are the most popular canned cocktails, wine and mocktail beverages across each US state, with a brand-by-state list and mapped visuals.

“In a diverse nation where convenience often meets sophistication, canned cocktails and mocktails have reshaped America’s drinking habits,” said Keri Stooksbury, editor-in-chief at Upgraded Points. “We wanted to highlight varying regional preferences while underscoring a broader trend towards easy-to-enjoy, sophisticated drink options – catering to both cocktail aficionados and those looking for nonalcoholic alternatives.”

The study compiled a list of 74 popular canned cocktails and wines and 25 canned mocktails. The Upgraded Points team then analysed the regional interest in these beverages using Google Trends search data from May 2023 to May 2024, with high search interest serving as an indicator of popularity.

The top picks – cocktails & wine

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High Noon

Launched in 2019, hard seltzer brand, High Noon, has quickly become the favourite cocktail in seven US states. Blending vodka and soda in flavours such as peach and watermelon, the drink is in high demand in hot-climate states such as Kansas and Oklahoma. However, High Noon’s popularity isn’t limited, being enjoyed in Rhode Island and Wyoming too.


This canned wine made with California grapes reigns supreme in five US states, including the scenic Montana and Vermont.

Cutwater Spirits

These premium canned cocktails, with flavour variants including Tiki Rum Mai Tai and Mango Margarita, are popular in five states, including Maryland and Delaware.

Kim Crawford

This canned New Zealand wine brand brings an international flair to the wine market, particularly popular in four states, including Louisiana and New Hampshire.

Miami Cocktail Company

This is of course popular in Florida, beating larger national brands with its commitment to organic ingredients and vibrant flavours such as Blood Orange Mimosa Spritz. According to Upgraded Points, the brand’s cocktails capture “the essence of Miami’s lively and diverse culture.”

Top canned mocktail brands

The Most Popular Canned Mocktail in Every U.S. State

Hiyo Social Tonic

Launched in 2020 and known for its blend of organic adaptogens and natural nootropics, Hiyo Social Tonic claims the top spot in 11 US states, offering states such as Indiana and Mississippi a health-conscious refreshment option, with flavours like Strawberry Guava and Watermelon Lime.


Recess’ 0% ABV craft mocktails blend hemp extract with adaptogens to create a soothing and “balanced” beverage, with options such as Grapefruit Paloma and Ginger Lime Mule.. These are popular in eight states, such as Alaska and Maine.

Mingle Mocktails

Mingle Mocktails was originally launched in Philadelphia. The brand’s sparkling concoctions, such as Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa and Cucumber Melon Mojito, lead in seven US states, including Illinois and Texas.

De Soi Apéritifs, Aura Bora and Ghia

These three emerging brands are also all gaining popularity in the mocktail space, according to the study.

De Soi, co-founded by Katy Perry, offers adaptogenic sparkling apéritifs, featuring natural botanicals, from citrus and grape in its Spritz Italiano drink, to yuzu and chamomile in its Golden Hour offering.

Aura Bora features inventive herbal and floral flavours in low-calorie offerings, such as Cactus Rose and Lemongrass Coconut.

Meanwhile, Ghia provides sophisticated, herbaceous, nonalcoholic aperitifs inspired by Mediterranean traditions, in flavours like Sumac & Chili.

The rest of the states’ popular beverage choices are listed below by Upgraded Points:

From the study’s results, it is clear there is a strong preference for convenience – something that was curbed during Covid-19 but now flourishes – as well as exploring unique and diverse flavour combinations.

Not that I condone planning drinks around trips, but it looks like the CanTech team will be seeking out the Kim Crawford canned wine and Mingle Mocktails for the IMDPA Conference in September this year!

I’d be interested to see what the results are like for counties in the UK, with another significant market to explore – which, according to Grand View Research, was valued at US$58.1 million in 2023, and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.2 per cent from this year to 2030.

Whatever your preference, happy drinking.

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