Fillers: what do you require?

As you know, here at CanTech we are keen to move into new areas in terms of what we cover so that you, our readers, are never left thinking that we are standing still as a publication.

To this end, in 2015 we are looking to cover not just the technological side of the business – the equipment and complex IT solutions necessary to produce the many millions of cans you do each year – but also the filling side of things.

What are the fillers doing with these cans once they are shipped? Filling them no doubt, but what challenges are they facing? What do they need in terms of innovation? What are customers crying out for in a metal packaging solution?

These are all questions we intend to answer this year from a filling perspective, which will hopefully be of real value to can makers and equipment suppliers alike.

Are you a filler? Do you want to get a message to the can makers and equipment suppliers?

Contact us directly and we can make it happen – [email protected]

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