Aerosol can burst tester launched

CMC-Kuhnke has released an improved aerosol can burst tester that involves a semi-automated burst/buckle tester designed to check the pressure at which the aerosol end will buckle, and the pressure at which the aerosol can will burst.

It uses a 50 bar test pressure that can be programmed with up to 60 fully customised test types, such as holding at set pressures. In addition to two-piece and three-piece aerosol cans, the ABT-3100 can be adapted to fit PET, Monobloc and aluminium bottles with a soft curl.

The can is placed in a specifically designed holder which allows it to hang freely. The tester automatically fills the aerosol can with water to a pre-programmed pressure, then the programmed test sequence begins. Values are automatically recorded for top buckle, bottom buckle, and burst pressures. Optionally, one of two thresholds may be programmed into the test sequence, allowing the can to be held at a desired pressure for a specified length of time.

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