Spring Latch gains UN approval and packaging award

Spring Latch, a new pail and re-closure system for increasing production line efficiency at minimum cost on paint, chemical and coating filling lines has gained a packaging award and UN certification.

Launched in 2015 and manufactured by Ardagh Group, it has already established a reputation for providing an automated and cost effective alternative to the manual closing process required when using standard ring latch closures.

Wilhelm Althuber, global spend area main buyer for consumer packaging at Akzo Nobel, said: “Spring Latch is just the kind of development we were waiting for. With a very simple, low investment cost solution, we were able to implement Spring Latch straight away at filling lines and it has made an immediate impact.”

The system’s fully patented design automatically expands the ring latch when vertical pressure is applied to the lid, and securely fixes the lid onto the container. This simple yet ingenious manoeuvre seals the lid, and enables the pail to be effortlessly and securely opened and re-closed as required. It can be immediately fitted to the existing line, and therefore represents a very low cost solution with an attractive return.

Paul Stokes, commercial director of paints and coatings, Ardagh Metal, Food & Speciality, Europe, explained: “We launched the product last year to address a problem that has long concerned our customers.  We are pleased that have now gained UN qualifications for both 230mm and 286mm diameter pails making them suitable for the filling of hazardous packaged materials.”

Spring Latch is now available in two can sizes, 286 and 230 and in the near future also in 328mm diameter.

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