Cantec releases new production machine for cans

Cantec has unveiled its new high speed Can-o-mat.2PC machine for the production of two-piece food cans. This is a suitable back end machine for necking, flanging, beading and light testing for DWI food can production at high speeds.

The production of DWI food cans is increasing. The process of production is similar to the DWI beverage can production in the front end of the line. The back end of the line is different. The machines for DWI food can production like de-coiler, cupper, bodymaker, trimmer, wash-coater, mass-conveyors are well proven and of high capacity, because they are mostly the same machines as for the DWI beverage can production exclusive the back-end machines. Not the powerful multi-die necker-flangers as for the DWI beverage can production are required but high speed flangers and beaders.

Up to now, stand alone flanger and beader or a flanger-beader combination of medium speed are available. As well, stand-alone light tester has to be used. This means the back-end line consists of many machines including a lot of conveying with high risk of jamming.

The available operations are die necking, spin flanging, rail beading and leakage testing in a combined machine. The die necker works as usual including air filling during necking. The spin flanger operates at driven spins with a wide shoulder diameter and a central disk (pilot) to minimise the polygon forming during the flanging process.

The beader is a special designed for two-piece cans. The beading rail and the inner beading sleeves are fix in the machine; the can is slipped over the beading sleeve from the lower side by a can lift. Wall and roll bead can be formed in one station.

The integrated leakage tester is a light tester and incorporates the well proven and high sensitive light testing technology from Sencon. The machine is equipped with a double discharge, one for good cans into the line and the other one for leakage detected cans off the line and for the ejection of selected cans for quality check.

The diameter range of the machine is 65mm (211) to 83mm (307), the height range depends on the configuration and is up to 115mm (408), or up to 125mm (414) or in special design up to 150mm (600).

The necking, flanging and testing units have ten spindles, the beading unit has 14 spindles, the machine capacity is up to 1600cpm up to dia 83 mm and in special design up to 1800cpm for diameter up to dia 73mm only. So far this machine covers the capacity of four resp. five body-makers.

This is the first machine on the market which combines necking, flanging, beading and light testing in one machine for two-piece food cans and which runs at this high speed.

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