Sonoco provides composite can for kids’ chocolate drink powder

Powdered beverage manufacturer Gialousis launched its chocolate drink powder product in late 2016, Jumbotonic Kid Instant Choco.

In light of the product launch in Greece, Gialousis chose a multilayer sealed safe can from packaging provider Sonoco Europe. The can has a diameter of 99 mm and a height of 140 mm with an aluminium inner liner, a metal end, and a sealed safe membrane which protects the contents from potentially harmful factors such as humidity. After the initial opening, the snap lid can be reclosed, preserving the powder’s contents.

Sean Cairns, vice president and general manager, Sonoco Europe, commented on the Jumbotonic composite can: “Instead of being solely product packaging, Gialousis’ rigid paper containers become a colourful addition to living environments such as kitchens or kids’ play corners.

“Due to their playful appearance and sturdiness, they’re often reused as toy containers once the product has been consumed – keeping the brand in the consumer’s home, and on their mind.”

Following the successful launch in Greece, Gialousis has announced that it will be bringing Jumbotonic Kid Instant Choco to Jumbo S.A. stores across Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus.

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