Single-serve can from Crown

Cat food can

A single-serve 85g can launched by Crown Food Europe – Cans and Closures has been designed to deliver greater convenience to consumers while also ensuring shelf differentiation for manufacturers.

Crown has launched the can to help manufacturers meet the growing demand for upmarket cat food.

An increased desire from European consumers for pet food that meets optimal nutritional requirements has led to the introduction of many new value-added cat food products in the market, with premium options accounting for a third of launches in 2010, according to a report from Mintel.

“Consumers are paying greater attention to the overall health and wellness of their families, and that mindset has extended to their beloved cats,” says Ana Neale, marketing director, Crown Food Europe – Cans and Closures.

“This desire for cat food with higher nutritional value has led many brands to launch premium products, including lines that are natural or organic, focus on special diet needs or contain health-fortifying ingredients. Since consumers are often paying more for these products, it’s critical that the packaging delivers value on multiple levels. Along with protecting the quality and taste of these upscale products, it should also respond to consumer demands for convenience and environmentally friendly packaging.”

Crown’s 85g container can help manufacturers address all of these demands. For example, the superior barrier characteristics of metal packaging protect the nutritional value of cat food and extend shelf life. In addition, the small container is ideal for single-serving sizes, helping consumers control the portions they feed to their cats and minimise waste.

Manufacturers such as New Pet Food Italia, a European private label pet food producer, have seen a growing demand for single-serve cans from both retailers and consumers. “For consumers, the small, single-portion can combined with premium quality ingredients goes a long way towards making them feel like they’ve chosen the right food for their pets,” says Giorgio Ceresa, sales director, New Pet Food Italia. “It is for this reason that in Italy, for instance, we were asked to introduce these cans as an alternative to formats such as pouches, to ensure that the retailer can offer customers a choice of products on the shelf.”

For added convenience, the containers are compatible with Crown’s range of easy-open ends, including its Easylift easy-open ends that offer improved tab access, and its PeelSeam peelable ends that enable smooth, easy and safe opening for consumers.

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