Videojet launches new solution for remote laser control

Coding, marking and printing solutions specialist Videojet Technologies has launched its latest remote laser control solution, Videojet Touch Control Software+ (TCS+).

According to the brand, TCS+ is a flexible solution that can control most Videojet lasers remotely through either the new Videojet TU430 laser touch controller, or from virtually any browser-based device. The solution was developed to offer manufacturers more convenience and increased ease of operation.

Sascha Ammesdoerfer, laser business unit manager at Videojet Technologies, said: “The TCS+ solution offers manufacturers flexibility when choosing how to operate their Videojet laser marking systems. The user interface is identical in look and feel, no matter what device is used, and utilises the same design and layout as on the Videojet TU430 touch controller.”

The common look and feel of the TCS+ interface is intended to help ensure seamless operation in production lines, reduce training time required and aid line setup and fast product changeover. Most Videojet lasers can now be controlled using either the colour TU430 laser controller, or from virtually any browser-based device.

With its simple usability features, the highly responsive software offers multiple laser support via a browser-based device, with no need to download additional software. The browser functionality can connect to several devices at any time, for increased visibility of laser marking status. No drivers are needed to control a compatible Videojet laser from the browser, saving manufacturers time, reducing cost of development and minimising user induced coding errors.

The new TU430 laser controller has a colour touchscreen interface that is easier to use than previous Videojet models, offering a simple wizard tool for fast integration and new product introduction. The easy-to-use free-form template editor helps to create and manage content, while the event logging feature tracks system changes. Automated messages and simple code entry reduce the risk of product re-work and recall, enhancing the overall user experience.

In addition, the TU430 laser controller utilises the proven IP65 design and is suitable for harsh environments in the food and beverage environments, where dust and humidity may be a challenge, or where the system must be engineered for regular wash down intervals.

“Videojet is excited to bring innovation to laser coding, and the TCS+ solution offers manufacturers a single point of user interaction to control and monitor most Videojet laser marking systems,” said Ammesdoerfer.

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