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Straight Line Drive (SLD) has celebrated its first global can making trade show at this year’s Cannex & Fillex World Can Making Congress in Guangzhou, China.

As a new company within the can making industry, Straight Line Drive is a technology company that was formed to bring new innovations and technologies to can making machinery. The company’s design philosophy is engineering common core systems that can be used across all bodymakers, regardless of manufacturer.

At the show, SLD introduced its new bodymaking drive system, the S-Drive, available for retro-fit into Standun, Ragsdale and CMB bodymakers. According to SLD, the S-Drive generates an exact straight line delivering more ram accuracy and reduced vibration, this allows for increased speeds, reduced downtime, maintenance, extended tool life, and cost-effectively extending the life of an installed fleet.

“Cannex was an excellent opportunity to further expand the S-Drive product reach and introduce the benefits of the S-Drive to a whole new audience,” explained Lee Vanatta, chief operating officer, SLD Inc.

“We already have nine orders globally, so the take-up has been fantastic. Not only that, we have a number of other new product innovations to look forward to.

Along with the S-Drive, SLD has partnered with CarnaudMetalbox Engineering (CMB), to formally launch the new A-Drive concept, a rotary drive providing what is said to be a perfect straight line for the bodymaker ram.

The A-Drive is expected to be launched by SLD and CMB at Cannex 2019.

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