Sarten’s Turkish success story

At this year’s CanTech The Grand Tour in Istanbul, Turkey, Sarten Ambalaj CEO, Zeki Saribekir, gave the opening keynote speech on the history of the company, which dates back 47 years.

Sarten opened its first facility in Çorlu, and now has 18 factories – 15 in Turkey and others in Russia, Netherlands and Bulgaria. The company employs 2,600 people in total and creates more than 30% of its total sales through exports, in 2018 achieving over $100m in export sales.

The vast majority (85%) of is company is in metal production, making Sarten the biggest producer in the MENA region, one of the top three in Europe and ranks in the top 10 metal packaging producers in the world. Saribekir said the company’s mission to provide high quality, fast, environmentally-friendly and affordable service provided a steady and sustainable growth, adding that their use of tin material would reach 200,000 tons by 2020.

Saribekir said the packaging industry in Turkey is very strong, due to its advantageous geographical location in the centre between Europe and the Middle East, making deliveries speedy and efficient across the entire continents.

In the Grand Tour can makers awards, Sarten received the Supreme Cup award, and the prize for best Decorative Aerosol.

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