Gaze Wine Cocktails: an innovative new beverage

Gaze Wine Cocktails blend quality California wine with natural ingredients to create wine cocktails targeted at wellness consumers.

Available in two varieties: Coconut Water-Chardonnay-Moscato and Blueberry-Pomegranate Moscato, both products are lower-calorie and lightly effervescent. The package is a sleek, portable, recyclable aluminum bottle with twist-off closure and bright, silkscreened graphics.

“We noticed many consumers who enjoy wine also practice a lifestyle that includes fitness, yoga, meditation, outdoor activities, self-care and other positive pursuits,” said Terry Wheatley, president Vintage Wine Estates. “We wanted to appeal to them by combining wine with some of their favorite ingredients in a modern, fun, easy-to-enjoy wine cocktail.”

Coconut water, blueberries and pomegranates are popular dietary choices for many. Blending these ingredients with a light and refreshing wine creates a completely new beverage.

Gaze Wine Cocktails will be introduced across the US over the coming months.

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