Danone UK launches L’mon sparkling drinks

The makers of Volvic, Danone, has partnered with Ball Corporation, to produce L’mon, a new range of sparkling drinks, combining at least 25% real fruit juice and refreshing British spring water.

Each can of L’mon packs in all the taste of a traditional fizzy drink, using naturally sourced ingredients, with no added sugar (except those naturally occurring in fruit juice) and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The drink is available in three citrus combinations – Lemon & Orange, Lemon & Lime and Lemon & Grapefruit.

Launched in 330ml standard cans, the brand embraced the 360 design canvas of the can with a modern, vibrant design, while extending the citrus cues right through to the yellow coloured tab.

With the UK recycling rate for aluminium cans reaching 75%, L’mon is further supporting this with the inclusion of the Metals Recycles Forever logo, as well as a friendly consumer call to action; ‘Please recycle, it’s refreshingly good’.

Jacqueline Lane, senior brand manager for Volvic UK & Ireland, said: “At Danone, we don’t think you should have to choose between the pleasure of a tasty fizzy drink and being health conscious, that’s why we created L’mon – to give consumers a delicious, sparkling refreshment they can really enjoy. By partnering with Ball, we not only launched a delicious new range, but Ball’s expertise gave us a deeper insight into the right packaging solution. We are delighted that L’mon is packaged in a fully recyclable aluminium can that can be recycled forever.”

Jag Bains, UK sales director at Ball, said: “We really value and enjoy working with companies that embrace sustainability and aim to make a difference to the environment just like Danone. We are proud to say that our strong collaboration marks an exciting milestone for the makers of Volvic as the first drink in the portfolio to be made locally, with all of the cans, the beverage production and the filling completed in the UK.”

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  1. Dewet Brandt says:

    I see L’mon has a few natural flavourings. What exactly are these, and – what is the source of these flavourings?

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