Sencon upgrade end gauges at no cost to customer

Sencon has added new capabilities to it’s Can Gauge and End Gauge products without any additional charges to the customer.

Both the benchtop and fully automatic versions of its finished can gauge now include measurement of flange angle and seaming clearance dimensions. These features have an impact on can performance through the filler/seamer, but due to the difficulty of measurement when using contact gauges, they often go unchecked.

Incorrect flange angle may affect can mobility through trackwork and impacts on the validity of can height measurements, while incorrect seaming clearance can cause quality problems for the can filler. Measuring and recording these parameters reassures can fillers and provides additional traceability that the can fully conforms to its specification.

For end makers, Sencon’s new ES8000 shell and progression measurement system is now bundled with its Virtual Sectioning package. This eliminates the need for laborious physical profiling, where laboratory staff need to encapsulate the end in resin, cut it in half then polish the cut edge to enable curves and features to be viewed and measured. By contrast, the ES8000 scans the lower and upper surfaces, taking measurements every 5 microns. The section viewer will then allow the user to zoom in to view or measure any area of concern or interest.

The built-in End Orientation feature has also been updated, so prior to taking its scans the gauge will either orient to the grain direction or to a black pen mark added by the user.

Sencon’s Richard Churchill said: “It’s great to be able to add and extend our products to meet the needs and requests of our customers by simply adding software. It means we can constantly increase the usefulness and value of our gauges.”

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