Miltec UV partners with University of Maryland Business School to host globalisation internship

Miltec UV is partnering with the Robert H Smith School of Business to host two undergraduate students this summer as part of the school’s Global Marketing Virtual Internship Program.

The students matched with Miltec UV are Kaylee Towey, a finance and communications major, and Kelsie Oshinsky, a marketing major and creative writing minor. Both interns will be working with the Miltec UV Marketing department for ten weeks this summer. The focus of the internship is to assist Maryland companies with promoting their business and products internationally while giving students the opportunity to gain professional experience in website globalisation and marketing.

Miltec UV is a global supplier and manufacturer of UV curing equipment and UV spare parts which are sold domestically and internationally. Working with Towey and Oshinsky will help Miltec broaden its international reach and identify areas for improvement in the company’s international marketing strategy.

The internship project scope will be focused on various global aspects of the business including website internationalisation and localisation, search engine optimisation and international website analytics and tracking. Miltec UV was introduced to the internship through a webinar offered by the Maryland Partners in International Trade (MAPIT) Alliance. One of the goals of the alliance is to facilitate greater access and usage of the state’s ExportMD grant, which helps Maryland businesses expand their global footprint and finance international marketing efforts. As a former recipient of this grant, Miltec UV says it values the resources offered by the Alliance and the Maryland Department of Commerce.

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