Tata Steel unveils €300 million environmental-improvement plan for Netherlands plant

Tata Steel, leading international steelmaker, has launched its ‘Roadmap+’, a €300 million environmental-improvement plan to reduce emissions at its IJmuiden plant in The Netherlands.

The announcement of Roadmap+, which will also combat industrial odours and dust pollution at IJmuiden, coincides with the publication of a progress report on Tata Steel’s Roadmap 2030 sustainability programme, involving 25 projects to enhance the company’s environmental performance.

As part of the programme, Tata Steel Netherlands will work closely with local authority and government leaders in the Province of Noord Holland to ensure the measures exceed environmental laws.

The measures include the planned €150 million construction of a DeNOx facility at IJmuiden’s Pellet plant, which will reduce emissions significantly by cutting output of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and heavy metal particulates by more than 90%. The project will also include an investment of €50 million in improvements to the Coke and Gas Plant 2 (CGP2), helping to cut odours and emission of particulates.

Henrik Adam, chief executive of Tata Steel in Europe, said: “Tata Steel is taking additional action to build on its Roadmap 2030 plan with the announcement today of Roadmap+, which will enhance the environment in and around the IJmuiden plant. We are absolutely committed to sustainability as a strategic priority across the company, of which these measures are the latest example.”

Under the Roadmap+ initiative, Tata Steel will invest in systems and technologies to ensure improved environmental performance on:

  • Dust reduction when processing converter slag
  • Cleaning plant and DeNOx installation in the Pellet factory
  • Project drying steel works (OSF2), including construction of new installation
  • Tertiary extraction steel works (OSF2), cutting dust and reducing particulate matter emissions
  • Dust-blowing raw material logistics, which prevents dust from conveyor belts and overflows from blowing away.

The latest environmental measures at IJmuiden follow Tata Steel’s wider commitment to become carbon-neutral by 2050 and to maintain its position as a global leader in low-emission steel production per tonne.

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