Sponsored: Five reasons to choose in-line vision seam inspection equipment

When it comes to seam inspection, having the right equipment in place is critical. And if you want to achieve ultimate efficiency and significantly reduce the risk, cost, and overall hassle to your business, the answer is simple – you need technology that will inspect every single can on the production line.

Find out about how the Industrial Physics in-line seam inspection equipment by Eagle Vision is an investment you can’t afford to miss out on by accessing their free guidebook below.

Access the Industrial Physics Guidebook here.

Want to know why you should invest? Check out five reasons below:

Advanced technology scans 100% of cans

First things first, with in-line vision inspection equipment, you inspect every single can on the line! Thanks to advanced technology, you can rest assured that every can will be checked.

It’s easy to use!

Using the equipment couldn’t be easier. Once the equipment is set up, you’re all set! Literally, all you need to do is flick the switch. Once the machine is running, everything is automatic, and the advanced vision technology will reject any defect cans – meaning you don’t need to do anything!

Works alongside traditional methods

Statistical offline seam measurement is clearly very effective. But this approach does leave businesses exposed to isolated faults. In-line vision inspection instruments aren’t a replacement to statistical seam measurement – the technology works alongside your original equipment to offer you a truly accurate solution.

Save hassle, time, and cost

Defective batches come with a whole host of unwanted problems – the hassle of clean up in sterilizers and pasteurizers, the cost of downtime caused, and unexpected resource challenges. By giving yourself this extra layer of protection, you can avoid these unnecessary, annoying, and costly frustrations.

Protect your reputation

This is the biggie – ultimately, in-line vision seam inspection equipment offers you better protection. By checking every can, you are significantly reducing the risk of consumer product recalls. This is an investment in the protection of your reputation.

If you want to find out more about how the Industrial Physics in-line seam inspection instruments by Eagle Vision can protect your business – and save you money – then what are you waiting for?! Access the free guidebook or speak to a member of the team today by clicking the links below.

Access the Industrial Physics guidebook.

Get in touch with a member of the Industrial Physics team.

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