Coca-Cola supplies under pressure due to shortage of cans

The Coca-Cola bottling business for the UK and Europe has said its supply chain is under pressure from a “shortage of aluminium cans.”

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) said that the shortage of cans is just one of “a number of logistics challenges” the company is having to face.

A shortage of HGV drivers is also playing a role in the problems, however, the company said it has managed to continue to deliver “extremely high service levels” in recent weeks.

Nik Jhangiani, the chief financial officer of CCEP, told the PA news agency: “Supply chain management has become the most important aspect following the pandemic, to ensure we have continuity for customers.

“We are very happy with how we have performed in the circumstances, with service levels higher than a lot of our market competitors.

“There are still logistical challenges and issues though, as with every sector, and the shortage of aluminium cans is a key one for us now, but we are working with customers to successfully manage this.”

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