Canpack helps Polish brewery transition to aluminium cans

Polish brewery, Trzech Kumpli, has partnered with Canpack to help create and distribute printed craft beer cans.

Canpack’s matt effect lithography has been used on five of the brewer’s flagship beers, making the packaging smooth to the touch, elegant to the eye, emphasising the real quality of the beer.

For craft brewers, the shift to aluminium cans from other packaging formats has accelerated during the past few years. The can’s sustainability credentials and decorating potential has created opportunities for brewers looking to add variety and shelf appeal.

Stephen McAneny, chief commercial officer, Canpack, said: “The ability to decorate cans in small batches has become a central focus for the craft beer industry. 

“We’re delighted that we were able to provide truly sustainable packaging with printed lithography for a series of Trzech Kumpli craft beers and be part of this success story.” 

Piotr Sosin, owner of Trzech Kumpli, said: “The desire to pour beer into decorated cans was born long ago. From the very beginning, we wanted our beer to be in printed cans, but to fill the minimum logistic orders, we simply had to scale up our production until now.

“Our customers appreciate the craftsmanship of both the graphic design, the workmanship itself, and of course the content – the beer itself.”

For many craft brewers, the limited volumes produced has presented an obstacle in being able to make the transition to printed aluminium cans, as many can manufacturers require minimum order volumes out of scope for many smaller businesses.

Trzech Kumpli has been able to utilise Canpack’s on-going partnership with Marxam Project, which is a distributor of raw materials and equipment for wine and beer producers. This partnership has allowed brewers to commercialise their products in printed cans without worrying about fulfilling minimum requirements. 

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