Prime Controls debuts new equipment

Prime Controls, a manufacturer of double metal sheet sensors and controls for the can making, automotive, appliance and other metal forming industries, has announced enhancements to its SD230 double shell and missing tab detector with the introduction of the SD230 FLEX and SD230 MINI.

The SD230 MINI is a smaller, vertically DIN-rail mounted unit that reduces space claim in the control cabinet. The company has also improved its SD230 control with the next generation SD230 FLEX. The dual-function, fully configurable SD230 FLEX replaces multiple variations of SD200 Series units, simplifying customer inventory requirements.

The flexible SD230 FLEX and SD230 MINI controls provide a simple and dependable way to monitor can ends travelling through a conversion press or at the discharge of curlers and liners. Along with a set of probes installed at the infeed and discharge of each lane, the SD230 FLEX and SD230 MINI detects both double shells and missing tabs. The SD230 FLEX and SD230 MINI enhancements feature dual-function, fully configurable detector that eliminates the need to carry multiple variations of the system, along with new multi-color LEDs for more intuitive status notifications. The SD230 MINI is the same detector, but in a smaller, compact packaging that can be easily DIN-rail mounted and dramatically reduces the space requirements in the press’ control cabinet. Both detectors function the same as previous generation double shell and missing tab detectors.

“We are extremely excited about the launch of the SD230 FLEX and SD230 MINI. With the industry’s need for flexibility and inventory reduction, we think this product offering helps achieve these goals. It’s a product we have spent time on developing and fine-tuning to ensure it meets the customer’s needs,” said Beth Graves, president of Prime Controls. “We are eager to introduce this product to the can making industry.”

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