Massilly buys closure manufacturer

Metal packaging manufacturer Massilly Group has further increased its presence in Russia after completing the purchase of the closure business from French glass producer Verallia.

Massilly signed the agreement with Verallia’s Russian subsidiary Kamyshinsky Steklotarny Zavod and will take over its cap activity for food jars in Russia.

The company will produce and sell metal closures from its Linar plant in the Stavropol region.

The agreement signed by Kamyshinsky, a leader in the Russian market for production and sales of glass jars for food, establishes a cooperation period of 18 months with Linar, the Russian subsidiary of Massilly. Massilly completed the purchase of aerosol manufacturer Linar from the Lindal Group in April.

At the end of this 18-month period, all lines and equipment for production of the caps will be transferred to the Linar plant in Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol region.

As a result of this agreement, the Russian market will benefit from the combined expertise of both companies in the field of cap and glass jar production.

“Following our recent acquisition of Linar in April 2012, a Russian based aerosol manufacturer, we are pleased to pursue the development of our activities in Russia,” says Thomas Bindschedler, Massilly Group CEO. “With this acquisition, Massilly follows its strategy to be a key player in all the fields of metal packaging and to develop its industrial footprint in the regions of the world showing a significant potential for growth.”

Massilly operates 14 plants in various parts of the world. Its turnover was €275 million in 2011.

For further information from the Massilly Group see the feature on caps and closures in the July/August issue of CanTech International.

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