Canpack collaborates on cans promoting Colombian culture

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Canpack has recently collaborated with Bavaria (ABI Colombia) on a limited edition launch of its Club Colombia beer.

Through this premium brand, Bavaria aims to pay tribute to Colombia’s rich and diverse heritage. The new limited edition of Bavaria’s traditional Dorada recipe is called Una Historia Nonuya. Its branding is inspired by the work of artist and activist Abel Rodríguez of the Nonuya ethnic group. Recognised for his depictions of Amazonian flora and fauna, he describes himself as a “sabador,” a carrier of tribal wisdom about the plants of the rainforest.

Juan Camilo López, director of Premium & Special Brands of Bavaria, said: “Over the years we have sought new ways to exalt the excellence and multiculturalism of Colombia. We work together with those who have a legacy of greatness and pride in their traditions.

“This is how Una Historia Nonuya was born, an edition that, based on its design, pays homage to the Amazon, to the work of Abel Rodríguez, a member of this community, immortalising its history and inviting Colombians to be part of a legacy for eternity.”

This is quite a story for the humble beer can to portray, yet it was a challenge that Canpack was more than happy to meet. Market experience shows that special editions of canned beverages engage consumers by making the cans themselves collectable. They also become social talking points and help create a sense of shared belonging to a brand.

The delicate artwork on the new cans evokes the fragile ecosystem of the rainforest. The addition of Canpack Matt varnish across the whole can body gives this limited edition a subtle feel that enhances the premium character of Club Colombia. Links to a dedicated website and social networks allow consumers to connect with the story of “Don Abel, the great namer of trees.” They can also learn how to contribute to caring for the environment themselves.

Above all, this project is not just about clever marketing. It brings with it a lasting legacy of sustainability that goes beyond the product itself. To mark the launch of Una Historia Nonuya, Bavaria is planting more than 10,000 native trees in the Amazon.

“We are very proud to be part of this special promotion.” reported Stephen McAneny, chief commercial officer at Canpack. “The labelling on the cans is so much more than mere decoration. The intriguing artwork should plant seeds of awareness about The Amazon Rainforest with its treasure trove of natural resources.

“These cans also carry a link to the precious wisdom of Colombia’s indigenous peoples. And all of this is backed up by positive environmental action from the local brewer.”

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