Ball and Tubex win Aerobal awards

Ball and Tubex were amongst the winners at this year’s World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award.

The competition was organised by the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (Aerobal).

Tubex won the award in the category ‘Can already on the market’ for its Rexona Clear Diamond can. The aerosol features a feminine and distinctive shape which is a real eye-catcher on the shelves.

This attractive shape is achieved by very small steps in the necking process. The black print and the image of lavender lace give the can an elegant appearance. The brushed aluminium shines through the lavender of the lace which upgrades the design with a three-dimensional look.

The logo on the upper part of the can captivates the eye with the fine degrading of the purple colour and a filligree contour in brushed aluminium. A further highlight is the brand name in brushed aluminium which gives the can a striking look and perfectly matches with the classical design. A matt overvarnish completes its sophisticated appearance.

Ball Corporation won in the ‘Prototype’ category with its ReAl can offering a metal technology breakthrough that enables the use of recycled aluminum in the manufacture of extruded aluminium aerosol cans.

The resulting new metal alloy exhibits increased strength and allows lightweighting of the container without affecting package integrity. Ball’s technology breakthrough will allow the company to lightweight its extruded aluminium aerosol packaging by as much as 10%, with further lightweighting expected in the future.

Currently, almost all extruded aluminium aerosol packaging is made from virgin aluminium slugs. These metal discs are impact extruded to produce packaging for aerosol products ranging from body sprays, sun screens, air fresheners and numerous other markets. Ball, will now use aluminium recycled from Ball’s global beverage can operations to produce the company’s new slugs, thus improving the carbon footprint of the packaging. Ball will begin producing cans made with ReAl slugs initially in Europe, and has applied for patents on its ReAl packaging.

Gregor Spengler, secretary general of Aerobal, is a keynote speaker at this year’s Asia CanTech.

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